Yandina Feed Barn

Our Products

We cater for all your cat’s needs and specialise in larger (more economical) sized food bags.  Whether you are looking for a budget mix or a top-of-the-range feed, we have it.

We also have an extensive selection of treats and supplementary foods.  In addition to feed, we have a full range of medications, flea and tick treatments, wormers, shampoos and litters.

Poultry is Lyle’s speciality and there is often a good range of day old and point-of-lay chooks for sale.  We have a large range of chicken feed available, from grain mix through to organic layer mash.

If you are keeping chooks, we’ll help you get started!  We supply a wide range of feeds to cover all stages of your flock’s development.  We also supply feeds, waterers and care products.

Keeping chickens in the backyard is both fun and rewarding for all the family.  They make great pets and come with the added bonus of producing fresh eggs and natural garden fertiliser.

We have a large range of chook houses and pens for sale.  All our chook houses come fully assembled and are of Dura-Gal RHS construction.

We supply feeds for both feedlot and dairy cattle.